Zemplin Market Michalovce
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Zemplin Market presents the first, new and modern shopping center project in Michalovce. The main target of the project is to bring a possibility of comfort shopping in one building for the residents of Zemplin region.

Location: Zemplin Market is easily accessible from the main road going to Zemplínska Šírava. A bus stop of the Public Transport is right in front of the premises, and the access to the premises for pedestrians is provided. All these advantages make together an ideal place for shopping, amusement and free time. The shopping centre will be some 400 m from the pedestrians zone.

Opening: november 2007

Total rentable area: 7 500 m

Number of retail units: Ground Floor: 24 units, 1stFloor: 26 units

Number of parking spaces: 300

Population / catchment area: Michalovce district 109 121 inhabitants / within 30 min. 250 000 ihabitants

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