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Eco Shopping Park Senica - Eco shopping park is situated in the city Senica, which is 90 km north from the capital city Bratislava. City has 25 000 inhabitants. Attraction zone is around 65 000 inhabitants in 20 km diameter.

This project will be the centre of retail – trade for the city and suburban citizens.
Railway as a part of shopping centre will be used by Eco Train, which people can use for transport from city centre, thru Eco shopping park all the way to Senica’ railway station. Transport by buss will be available as well.

Approved, ecologically focused focused methods starting with energy consumption, usage of rain water, recycling, photovoltaic’s and other modern technologies will be used in all premises of ESP, providing economical and financial advantages for an investor, tenant and all customers. The target of the ENP will also effectively recycle all waste from tenants.

Net Leasable Area: 16 000 m2

No. of parking places: 498

Rental level: will be provided upper request

Opening: 4Q 2011

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