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NAY Elektrodom Martin - project is going to be located next to the TESCO, BAUMAX and shopping center TULIP ( 11 000 sq.m. - 65 retail units). Future project will consist of NAY Elektrodom and company KORATEX2570 sq.m., additional area of 2330 sq.m. is dedicated to the other potentional tenants. NAY Project is going to be constructed during year 2007 and date of opening is set on October 2007. Layout of the project is going to be adapted for tenants needs (possibility to divide area to the smaller unit 300 - 400 sq.m.). Project NAY is qualified as a Strip system, which means entrance straight from the parking lots, big lighting billboard above the entrance and supplying from the back entrance.
Project : Total Leasable Area – 2340 m2

Number of the retail units: cca 5 units

Parking: parking lots in the front of the building

Openinng Date: October 2007 (household goods) together on

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