Tulip Center Martin
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Tulip Center Martin represents a project of the most modern and, at the same time, the first shopping center in Martin. It is a great combination of shopping and entertainment. Tulip Center has strong visibility and excellent access from the main roads, on-site public transportation stops and good pedestrian walkways. This makes the Tulip Center a place to shop, be entertained and the place to be.

Location: Shopping center is located on the main access to martin. The location gives direct connection to the roads in the direction of ˇilina, Ru˛omberok and Poprad. Baumax and Tesco are located close to the center.

Opening: 05. 10. 2007

Total leasable area: 11 000m²

Number of retail units: 60

Number of parking spaces: 485

Population / catchment area: Martin - 64 000 inhabitants / 120 000 ihabitants

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